Packing Up and a Trip to Tahoe

Our family was in Tahoe last week – we had a BLAST!  Here are a few pics!

DSC01290 DSC01355 DSC01511 DSC01464 DSC01315 DSC01426 DSC00950 DSC01271  DSC01507DSC01400

And we move out in 12 days.  Holy gadzzz.  I’ve been a packing machine.  And I’m super emotional.  Out of the blue I start crying.  Oh man.  This is what we call bittersweet.  Leaving family and other loved ones is gonna hurt.  Thank heavens we’ll be out near Matt & Val and our soon to be grandbaby.  And I’ll hope that our California friends and family will come see us often!

Annie & Michael saw John Mayer on Saturday!  They LOVED it!DSC01519

And we all saw the new BATMAN: The Dark Knight.  Talk about INTENSE.  I like a good, dark movie, so this was pretty good in my book. 

Back to packing…


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Lots of stuff…

Pics from today!

(we got to have Ella today, we wish we could keep her.  We’re so in love.  And yes, there were turkeys in the front today – about 20 of ’em – isn’t this guy a hoot?)  July-12,-2008-pics

A few more pics to share:

 Annie 7-12-08 IMG_4118

In scrapping news, I’ve just started as a CT member for the Libby-Lou Crew at Sweet Shoppe Designs!  YAY LOUBERT!!!!!!!  Go see!

She’s one of my best friends on the planet, and I’m so thrilled for her and love working with her stuff!

Here’s a few of my pages from the last few days.

A-Special-Bond-sm Our-Home---sm Eryka-and-Annie-3-08_sm Parents-To-Be---sm Track-Meet-sm

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Satellite Radio

I’m here to do a commercial for Satellite Radio.  Don’t care if you choose XM or Sirius.  Either one will do.  I have Sirius in my car, and my hubby just renewed our deal for 6 more months due to the fact that I can’t stop singing it’s praises!  I absolutely LOVE it.  My rental car had XM when I was in Utah a few days back, and that was just as cool.  The reason I love it so much is that I have found new bands that I would never have heard before – (and the fact that there are no ads at all doesn’t hurt either).  My fave station is Iceberg 95 (all Candian music, this has opened up an entire new world of awesome rock I never knew existed).

Here’s just a handful of some of my new favorite bands that were discovered thanks to Sirius and XM:

Stabilo, Brandon Heath, Red, The Weepies, Pilot Speed, Crush Parallel, The Priddle Concern, Deepfield, Faber Drive, Default, Brian Melo, Finger 11, Wavorly, City & Colour, 40 Foot Echo, Matt White, Chris Tomlin, Mutemath, Sick Puppies, Matt Wertz….   I could go on.

So today I thought I’d link you up to a few of my new faves (more to come later).  Take a sec to listen and see what you think.  And after that, I’ve posted a few of my recent scrapbook pages.  (oh – – and by the way, OUR HOUSE SOLD!!!!!!) – listen to FLAWED DESIGN – listen to I’M NOT WHO I WAS – listen to TYPICAL – listen to CAN’T GO BACK NOW – listen to WHEN I’M WITH YOU – listen to BRAND NEW DAY – this will take you to a video of CAR CRASH – listen to LOVE IS HERE – listen to LOST – listen to SLEEPER and PRAISE AND ADORE – listen to BEAUTIFUL



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Precious Little Person

Baby Dahlin 10 weeks

This precious little baby is my PERFECT GRANDCHILD at nearly 10 weeks along!  Baby has a due date for January 22, 2009.  HOLY COW THIS IS THE BEST!

Val had her first ultrasound yesterday.  Baby is perfect and has a strong heartbeat!  Talk about EXCITING!!!!!!!  Just had to share the latest!

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Scrapping Away!

Since we’re trying to keep the house clean at all times (please someone come buy this house), I find that the best activity I can do is digi-scrapping as it involves no mess whatsoever!

Here’s the latest:

The-Best-Kind-of-Friends--- Wyo---sm Behind---sm Fairy-Princesses-sm Lakers-Monopoly-sm

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New House!!!!!!

Finally!  I mean it – FINALLY!  After looking at dozens upon dozens of homes over the last 10 months, we have found our new home!  And it’s amazing.  We are so excited!  They have accepted our offer, and it looks like we’ll be there in late July-ish.

It’s in Pleasant View, Utah (extremely close to North Ogden, practically on the border).  Here’s a few pics!

750954 eric 061 750954_4 eric 078 eric 065 eric 085

Home built in 2005, it’s completely GORGEOUS!  Fully landscaped, huge yard, 2nd kitchen in basement, 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and even a steam room! Isn’t that nuts?  The kitchen is a DREAM, and the mudroom ROCKS.

And I’m here to report that you CAN find a house and buy it on the internet without ever having been inside.  That’s just what we did (well, we had Eric’s brother go in it for us and give us a full report).  His report came back GET IT NOW, so we did! And I flew out there on Tuesday, saw it Wednesday, fell head over heals in love with it, and YAY!

So that’s that.

I am happy to NOT house-hunt any more this year thank you very much.  🙂

Here’s a few cute pics from this last week!

DSC00341 DSC00355 DSC00415 DSC00423 DSC00383 DSC00512

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Our Graduate!



We’re so proud of her, and can’t believe our youngest will be starting college.  Here’s a few more pics of grad night.

IMG_4026 IMG_4083 IMG_4070 Isn’t this one of Matt hugging Annie just the SWEETEST????  My heart just melted!


IMG_4075 IMG_4082

Matt flew out from Utah to be here for grad – I think that was Annie’s favorite thing about grad – having big brother home!  We went to Buca Di Beppo’s for a huge Italian dinner afterwards with both sets of grandparents, Jeffrey and his friend Molly, Matto, Uncle Andrew & Aunt Megan & baby Jacob, Heather and Michael. 

 DSC00309 DSC00322 DSC00325 DSC00310

It’s now time for my annual “BURST INTO SONG” moment…

“FREEDOM!  FREEDOM!  FREEDOM! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!”  (sing that in your best Aretha voice).  I sing this every year when school gets out.  I happen to ADORE summer vacation… no homework, no getting up early, no heavy schedules.  In other words, I enjoy the opportunity to be lazy.  🙂

But, I am not fond of the hot weather, so I’m looking forward to a nice summer enjoyed mostly indoors. 

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Happy Summer Vacation!










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